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APICS Sacramento members,

I am Pat McCarty, new (and returning) President of APICS Sacramento. I am returning to the Presidency after a two year sabbatical. One of my first areas of concentration will be to encourage member participation in the operation of this chapter. The Board of Directors and I welcome any and all help our members are willing to contribute.

Here we are, about to embark on yet another new and challenging year in the world of APICS. As your President, I would like to tell you that everything is moving along smoothly... I would like to tell you that... it would make my job much easier! But in reality, there is much work to be done. Here are just a few key areas we are focused on:

  • Educational Offerings
  • Maintaining & Growing Membership
  • Quality Professional Development Meetings (PDM's)

For those of you whom I have not yet met, let me give you a brief introduction into who I am and where I have gained expertise. I have been with the Siemens Healthcare Diagnostic for 24 years, during 10 of which I was a Material Logistic Specialist. I have been affiliated with APICS since 2000. I have been a Board member for 7 years, including 3 years as President of the Sacramento Chapter. I first found APICS when I accepted the planning position at Siemens and became frustrated with challenges in the position. One of my co-workers at the time suggested APICS and I attended my first meeting. I was amazed to find other people there with many of the same issues and challenges. Networking with other APICS professionals has been enlightening, and the things we learn from each other never ceases to amaze me.

We have already made some strides in the Sacramento chapter. Thus far, some of the accomplishments include, getting the chapter "business" stabilized for the 2012/2013 year (ie: by-laws, strategic plan, marketing plan).

I am excited to announce the return of our Professional Development Meeting (PDM) program. We have already identified and tentatively scheduled solid PDM presenters that will begin in January 2013. PDM's will be consistently held the third Tuesday of each month to make scheduling easier for our members, thereby achieving favorable attendance rates. I encourage you to pencil these dates in on your calendars!

Watch the Events Section of our website for information on our upcoming PDMs. Each month's presenter will have a brief biography on the website for attendees to review. Comments and discussion about the relevant topics are encouraged! You may also connect with us on Facebook by searching "apicsacramento", on Twitter @apicsacramento and in a LinkedIn group "APICS Sacramento Chapter". We encourage you to tap into these resources and stay informed about chapter events. These social sites are also a fantastic way to expand your network!

Other returning and new board members are:

Steve Terry - VP of Membership

Melanie Hoots - V.P. of Education

Kevin Moynihan - Treasurer

Bill Lodholz - Parlimentarian

Chas Withrow - Director at Large

Glen Lewis - Director at Large

Namrata Narasimhan - Director at Large

Each one of these dedicated volunteers work hard for the chapter. If you are interested in becoming more involved in chapter business, seek these people out at PDMs and ask how you can help the chapter. Even an hour a month is appreciated... heck even an hour a year is appreciated!

I invite each and every one of you to join us on the third Tuesday of every month at the Board meeting. Times and location for the meetings are posted on our website. This is YOUR Chapter, and we work for you. Please be involved enough to let us know what we can do to maintain a chapter that is relevant and meaningful to you in your professional endeavors.

The chapter is at a point now where your help is greatly needed... please consider contacting us at apicsacramento01@gmail.com to ask what YOU can do to help.


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