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Why are you taking the APICS review classes?

"...for a career advancement and also to accomplish a desire to keep learning for self improvement...and also to better understand how to facilitate the running of a production plant."

"I work in the inventory management group on-site and have, for the last 6 years. I know that the important parts of our jobs have changed and I wanted to learn the latest processes in the industry. Our group has had great feedback from past APICS class series."

"...to gain knowledge that I can use to be more effective in my job...I have been able to utilize the examples in this first course as a tool to evaluate my team in cycle counting."

"To learn more about my job and hopefully move up in the ranks at my job."

"Job knowledge, improvement of skills pertaining to the manufacturing environment."

"I took the classes to review some college classes. I also wanted to learn new ideas and processes."

"I am taking the classes in order to become CPIM certified."

"I started this class for higher level education. This class has opened my mind to the real 'ideal' world of business."

"As a Financial Manager, I need to learn other aspects of the hi-tech manufacturing process in order to do a better job and to understand more of what is happening in this environment."

"I am looking to advance within the manufacturing field and to improve in my current position."

"To increase my understanding of the material management process and to increase my skill sets in the work environment."

"To better understand inventory management and it's relationship to the production planning and manufacturing activities."

"I took the class to further my education and to fulfill the materials management certificate offered by CSUS, RCE."

"To make myself more knowledgeable in my work environment and hopefully to land a better job!"

"...so that I can improve my value as an employee, and drive changes with my current supplier."

"I became my company's planner 3 months ago with minimal knowledge. In this short 5 weeks (Intro to Mat'ls Mgmt class), I'm able to confidently perform my job."

"The employment opportunities that interest me most ask or require APICS certification."

"...to get a better understanding of the overall process of material management and how it affects my position in planning."

"I am taking the classes in order to: 1) learn more about the processes of other departments, 2) possibly improve job positions, and 3) hopefully find something that interests me so I can concentrate on a different career path."

How did you like the class(es)?

"I enjoyed them. It all makes sense."

"This class was very informative and stimulating...causing me to ask questions I didn't know I need the answers to...."

"I enjoyed this class very much. I learned why some things are done certain ways and I learned the logic, terms, theories that I use and why they work." ."

"The intro class was informative. We went a little fast through some portions as I didn't fully grasp the material. Looking forward to more detailed instructions."

"I liked the teaching style of the instructor."

"I enjoyed it very much. The instructor was great. It was in an excellent environment. I loved having it on-site."

"This class was very informative. The Instructor was very knowledgeable. She kept the class entertained yet interesting."

"Very Informative."

"I enjoyed the flow of the material and being able to relate it to my job."

"I enjoyed the class thoroughly."

"I really enjoyed the class and will be able to use what I learned in my everyday job."

"I liked this class. It was informal and had a friendly environment."

"Introduction to Materials Management class is a very good introduction. Instructor was fun and informative."

"Classes were informative and contained quite a bit of class participation. Overall, I enjoyed the class."

"I found it useful and understandable. Very applicable by every day examples."

"Class presents solid theoretical approach to manufacturing while using real workl examples to help students understand how it is really applied."

"The APICS courses were very informative and educational. The instructor was great!"

"I really enjoyed it!"

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